Care+Wear hosts ‘Future of Healthcare’ conversation

Care+Wear healthcare presentation
Care+Wear healthcare presentation(WVIR)
Published: Jul. 28, 2021 at 2:44 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The post-coronavirus future of healthcare is a hot topic of conversation.

A panel of experts weighed in Wednesday, July 28, at an event hosted by a University of Virginia graduate and CEO of healthwear company Care+Wear. The conversation touched on how hospital workers have personally dealt with the pandemic, mental health challenges, and how healthcare is changing.

Panelists included Doctor Greg Weingart, a UVA graduate now working as an emergency physician in the Tidewater area. He says some people were afraid to go to the hospital when the pandemic first hit.

“There’s a fixed rate of folks who have heart attacks appendicitis and whatnot, and all of that kind of dropped off because people were afraid to come to the hospital,” Weingart said.

Weingart also spoke about the increased stress: “There’s been some ups and downs, there’s definitely been some, I think, anxiety,” he said. “I know personally when this started, you know, I went from, typically, I would wear a dress shirt, dress pants, look nice on my shifts, and I switched to scrubs because in the beginning we didn’t know if we would take this home to our family.”

Stress also for patients’ families, who could not be there for their loved ones. “The patient experience definitely kind of was hindered by not having their support staff there, and I will say as an ER doctor I was routinely calling and updating families, often FaceTiming with families to try and answer everyone’s question kind of all at once,” Weingart said.

Despite all of the bad, some good came from having to adjust: improved technology.

“We’ve seen kind of a pivot in the healthcare structure: Folks that can be seen and utilized by telehealth or other kind of providers, has seemed kind of more of a focus in the post-COVID world,” Weingart said.

Wednesday’s discussion ended with suggestions for what hospital workers could use moving forward, including more comfortable N-95 masks and fanny packs for medical supplies.

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