Friend of women murdered in Strasburg 23 years ago still hoping for answers

Published: Jul. 27, 2021 at 9:03 PM EDT
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STRASBURG, Va. (WHSV) - Virginia State Police are continuing to work on a cold case in the town of Strasburg from more than 20 years ago that took a mother and her daughter from the community.

According to state police, Sylena Jo Dalton was murdered on the second floor of her apartment building on the 100 block of S. Charles St. back on July 27, 1998.

23 years to the day, Dalton’s friend Marcia Baker says she’s still hoping for the answer to who killed her friend and took Dalton’s 10-month-old-daughter.

“It’s disturbing because nothing like that happens here,” Baker said.

Baker said she and Dalton had been friends since they were five years old. She said after high school the two did not talk much anymore but began to rekindle their friendship during the summer of 1998.

Baker said during that summer she was able to meet Dalton’s newborn daughter, Allyson at one point that summer at her job.

“It was short and brief I got to see her,” Baker said. “I told her I was sorry for our falling out and we made our peace, we actually made plans to meet up the following week.”

But those plans never happened after Dalton was found at her apartment stabbed to death and her daughter Allyson was taken.

Neighbors told police at the time that they heard no screams and no murder weapon was found.

Today state police are waiting for the results of a new DNA testing to hopefully solve the 23-year cold case.

“She was a nice sweet loving person but she held her own and knowing that they’re saying there was no struggle there was no evidence of anything,” Baker said. “Which means the person who took Allison and murdered Sylena she had to have trusted them for then she trusted God.”

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