Macado’s, new parking and other changes coming to Bridgewater

Published: Oct. 12, 2021 at 5:46 PM EDT
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BRIDGEWATER, Va. (WHSV) - A new restaurant is coming to Bridgewater, along with plans for new parking downtown that could be approved at Tuesday’s town council meeting.

Macado’s is looking to open a Bridgewater location at a building on South Main Street that it has owned for several years. The restaurant chain has applied for a special use permit that would allow it to create additional parking and upgrade the existing parking around the building.

“They do have parking behind their building that they’re going to upgrade, and then also potentially pave the lot behind the Bridgewater Historical Center next door,” said Gwen Gottfried, Bridgewater town planner.

Macado’s hopes to have its new location open sometime next year. If the town council approves the permit request Tuesday, the chain will soon begin renovations on the building that once housed the old Dixon Drugstore.

“They would restore it to its former glory and in the bottom section would be a Macado’s and in the top would be three luxury apartments,” said Gottfried.

Macado’s has been leasing space in the building on the corner of South Main and West College Streets to a number of businesses, including Karen’s Prissy Country Girl Jewelry, Sapphire Valley Wellness Center and Kelli’s Antiques.

Those businesses will have to relocate, but the town hopes to keep them around.

“We value those businesses as well so we’re looking and have been communicating with them about other places in Bridgewater that they could locate,” said Gottfried.

Also coming to the town is a spot for dessert. Smiley’s Ice Cream will open up at its new location on Don Litten Parkway in Bridgewater next week.

“We’re excited to have Smiley’s as a part of Bridgewater, they have amazing ice cream, a lot of people really like them and they also locally source most of their ingredients, if not all,” said Gottfried.

The town’s leadership says it is excited to continue bringing new businesses to Bridgewater.

“When you bring in these great restaurants and food service places or businesses in general that will benefit Bridgewater as a whole, that just makes us excited because we love our town and we love it when other people love our town too,” said Gottfried.

The town is also still looking for another restaurant to move into the old Urgie’s location at Generations Park.

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