Afton landlord fighting for reimbursement from building damages

Published: Jan. 13, 2022 at 2:48 PM EST
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AFTON, Va. (WVIR) - Brenda Saunders owns the building where the Afton Post Office is. She says trucks from Amazon and the United States Postal Service keep damaging the property, yet nothing is being done about it.

“I’m not fixing a dang thing,” Saunders said.

Saunders says she has paid over $10,000 to repair damages from these trucks over the last seven years.

“The post office tells me I need to pursue Amazon, but I don’t have a contract with Amazon,” she said. “I have a contract with the Postal Service.”

Saunders says handicap rails, siding of the building, and most recently, a ground well have all taken a beating by trucks picking up packages.

“I’m not fixing anything anymore,” she said. “You hear that Post people? I’m not fixing anything anymore.”

Saunders says numerous fights with both Amazon and the Postal Service have gone nowhere, yet there’s nothing in the building’s lease saying she is responsible for these damages.

“I am responsible for the maintenance of the building,” she said. “It does not say I’m responsible for the damage that they have done.”

She believes the rent the USPS pays each month to use the building doesn’t come anywhere cost to the damages.

“I only get $330 a month from these people,” she said.

Fighting for the repair money is taking its toll on Saunders. She only keeps this building around because it’s been in her late husband’s family for generations.

“I’m just trying to maintain it for the family,” Saunders said. “I married into the family, I don’t have any emotional attachment to this place.”

At this point, she says there’s only one thing that can help her get her money back: “An act of God,” she said. “We’re dealing with the U.S. government.”

NBC29 reached out to both Amazon and the USPS.

USPS says Saunders needs to file a reimbursement claim. Saunders says she has already done that.

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